Best Day Ever

Is it possible that today is the best day ever?  Like, in all of history, today could be better than any other.  Supreme.  Awesome.  Ultimate.  THE BEST.  I would like to submit the argument that it is.  You might wonder why?  You might even argue, no…my wedding day was better.  The birth of my child was pretty fucking cool.  Graduating this or that was the highlight of my life.  Crossing that finish line–holding the finisher’s medal in my hands, finally…that was the BEST.  But folks, hold on to your seats.  You see, the past is the past.  We can remember it, revel in it, and be grateful for it.  But we don’t get to live it ever again.  TODAY is the best day ever because it’s all we’ve got.

And there are a few reasons I’ll offer that make it particularly sweet.  Worthy of being the best.

A ridiculous number of awesome human beings just showed up at Haymarket for Destination Deck.

A dude from Philly wearing a full body suit of American Flag stars showed up. I offered to trade him clothes on the spot.  (He didn’t exactly turn me down, but I don’t think he realized how very serious I was in that offer, so he remains the owner of the spandex star spangled suit.)

The worldwide #worldtakeover leaders and alleged founders of NP (Brogan “BG” #SteveNews Graham & Bojan “Boj” #JamesShorts aka #JimShorts Mandaric) showed up too.  We think they may have gotten some free fitness, though rumors are flying they came “just for the hugs” and BG really misses Boston because SD is pretty lame.

We did a kick-your-Monday-morning-ass circuit of Planks, Pushups, Side Planks, and Bear Crawl in a 45 sec on/15 sec rest pattern with 3 repetitions through for a total of 12 minutes of holy shit free fitness. See evidence below:

plank JCS star spangled will side plank

How could it get any better than that, you ask?  I know!  Seriously, it’s hard…but after that the following things happened that make it the Best Day Ever.

Someone thought they were in the November Project DC tribe and brought a dog, which makes the workout super fun.


And then Evan “Burpee Jesus” Dana said that the circuit wasn’t enough and we were doing a full Sebastian.  #SEBASTIAN. That’s 7 minutes of burpees.  All out, till-you-vomit/pass out/die style burpees.  It’s intense, it’s fierce, and it’s wicked cool.  That’s what we say in Boston.  (And for those of you who care, we’re probably (definitely) going to be doing Sebastians somewhat regularly so we can all get better at them.  And if you write down your number today you’ll be able to see how much better you get when we do them again. And if you thought it was mean to do them after the circuit, it’s just like your mom telling you to eat your broccoli…it’s good for you and it’ll make you stronger, smarter, healthier, funnier, and better looking if you eat broccoli and do burpees. Stay with me, the logic is impenetrable today.)

high flying burpees

And one more thing: My sister and my two nieces are visiting me for the week.  Ellie (7) and Antonia (4) are two of my favorite people in the world (and my sister is my favorite #badass too).  I came home this morning to their beautiful faces.  They are on spring break from Minnesota and Ellie told her whole 2nd grade class about me before she left — and ok, she might have bragged that I do 100 pushups each day (I love that kid). I showed them them the pictures of the workout as I told them a breakfast story of “This morning at November Project.”  Ellie looked at me blank faced when I said we did 7 minutes of burpees… “What’s a burpee??” I had her get up from the table and I talked her through a burpee on her own.  Then we talked about doing that for 7 minutes and with wide eyes and dropped jaw, she asked how many I did.  I was proud of my 101 today and happy to share it with them, knowing that being their strong aunt and a positive female presence in their life (in addition to their mom) is one of the coolest things I get to be.  And then Antonia exclaimed, “YOUR MUSCLES ARE GETTING BIGGER!” as she reached for my arm. (I love that kid more.)

Now we will go explore Boston, visit the Ducklings in Boston Common, and have sister time while I take vacation from work.  I realize this has nothing to do with your #FreeFitness Community, but go ahead, ride my wave of the best day ever to your advantage.  Enjoy it.

It doesn’t get any better than that.  #BestDayEver #DestinationDeck #Community #FreeFitness #WorldTakeover #SteveNews #JimShorts #FuckYeah #Sebastian #BurpeeJesus #PR #Haymarket #StarSpangledSuit #ThisShitIsGood

See you Wednesday.  The stadium has been reclaimed.  Let’s go OWN that shit.

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