Bend But Don’t Break (LAX)

There’s been a lot of wind lately in Los Angeles, especially along the beaches. Some of the palm trees look as though they might snap in half from the pressure. What inspires me about these trees is although they get pushed around on any given day, they always seem to recover after the wind has passed. They allow themselves to bend, let the wind take them for a ride, but never do they break away from where they stand.


Our lives aren’t always going to be a calm sunny day. Nobody wants that anyway, it’s boring. Life can throw some crazy shit at us, things we don’t want, or didn’t ask for. Just like standing at the edge of the ocean, you never really know what’s going to be in that next wave. Maybe a rock will hit you, maybe a school of minnows will tickle you, maybe even a washed up shark will scare the living hell out of you.


When you’re able to let go of what you know, and what you’re used to, you begin to let yourself bend and become a stronger person. Appreciate the wind, the changes, the minnows tickling your toes, as you never know what the outcome could be. Allow yourself to be resilient. Embrace the obstacles, they’re what make life exciting.


Do Great, LA!!


NP LAX 2nd Birthday Party: We just turned 2 years old! Let’s celebrate! This Wednesday 5:27/6:27 at the Bowl. Don’t forget to bring your birthday suit.

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