Ben “The boy” Becker gets a nickname: BAL

Do you hear that? That’s the last few grains of sand from your excuse hour glass running out. It’s the sound of your spoon hitting the bottom of your bowl of excuse soup. It’s the sound of the last few precious minutes of data before your “excuse service”  runs out… how are you going to check Facebook or Pinterest? (Why didn’t you spring for unlimited?!)

It’s also the sound of Spring, and if you were wearing a leotard this morning, chances are you were too hot for the first time since September. #livinlavidaleotard


Today was magical for many reasons. Ben “The Boy” Becker finally earned himself a nickname by paying the co-leaders to let him win the workout competition. He sent us a pretty heart felt letter saying he was in need of an ego boost so we let him win in exchange for 50 dollars worth of Vienna Sausage and one large bag of Kettle Corn. “The boy” drives a mean bargain.

It was also 95 degrees. Or I think it was. I don’t have much context on temperature anymore. Temperatures are irrelevant and a waste of time. I have developed my own temperature system comprised of three simple categories:

1. I need to wear a leotard so I don’t freeze.

2. I need to wear a leotard because I look awesome in them but i’m going to be sweating a lot.

3. DEFINITELY, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES wear a leotard if only for the safety of those around you.

Waaaaay easier that way.

Five thirty is odd...thanks Hallie
Five thirty is odd…thanks Hallie

Overall, excellent work this morning. The workout was hard, the temps were tempy, the bodies were sweaty and the hugs were frequent and well executed. There were also stairs, lots of stairs which has left me in need of a good Roll Out! ( Definitely click that link)


Keep taking big bites out of life



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