Believe The Hype (PHL)

Friday 1.23.2015, by the numbers:

We met at 6:30 a.m. on Lemon Hill.  It was 26 degrees.

We ran figure 8s getting in extra sets of hills.

A deck was placed at each 8s end (2 decks) – for partner pushups (red) and partner leg throws (black) to corresponding digits on 104 cards.

All 55 tribe members crossed the finish line thru our infamous cheerhole.

The positivity award was given to the 1 and only Harrison who will work out with NP_PHL 0 more times for the foreseeable future (boo).

We crowd surfed 3 birthday girls, 1 Layo and 1 Fox29 news dude named Quincy.IMG_3265

The tribe was LIVE on air for 2:27 mins, which was a mash up of 100% weirdness & 100% fun! (yes that is 200%)

2 Fox29 morning co-hosts got their bounce on with us.

The hype is 300% real!

IMG_3277In summation: Today was so rad ladies and gents! Y’all brought it big time.  We raced, we partnered up, we hugged, shed layers and laughed about how warm it felt. That feeling of warmth is real folks, that warmth is human kindness and it is growing stronger inside of all of us every week. Keep that warmth with you through the weekend. Share it with a friend and a stranger. Be well. Catch y’all again on Wednesday at the PMA!



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