Being Jen and Nadim (YEG)

Being Jen (by Nadim?)

They say that to have a convincing costume, you need to get into character. I practiced my Jen-isms last nite for a few hours but it was mostly about other people getting me into character. Since being Jen comes so naturally to her, here’s what I learned this morning:

  • I felt like I was so much stronger.
  • I spent the entire morning wondering what kind of trouble Nadim was going to get us into
  • I found muscles that I never knew I had
  • People are nicer to you when you’re a Ference
  • No one said my name wrong
  • I called so many people Whitney
  • Katie somehow managed to take all sorts of unflattering photos of me
  • Seeing people at the bottom of the hill taking a break really bothered me
  • I didn’t want to facebook friend any of the people that showed up
  • I could finally say that my parents have been to November Project
  • #safetyfirst
  • I could do anything for 5 minutes
  • #ambassadorlove #thesweatlife
  • Smile
  • We knocked that workout out of the water

For the rest of the day, I’m goin to go run over to Victoria Park, then head to Blitz to train with Chris, before I head for physio where I’m going to get my achilles worked on. This will be followed by a long run before I call Nadim on my way back to Blitz for HIIT and then I’ll go have some truffle fries with Rob.
Being Nadim (by Jen?)

So….so….okay, ya…here goes…today I learned that…

  • I have a much larger noggin then I knew, I’ll need to resize when I get my next Oilers profit
  • themed playlists are the heart and soul of this movement
  • chanting during the bounce are the best way to kick off a workout
  • I’m pretty short to be in the middle of the circle
  • being one of the crowd during the group picture is awkward
  • there can never be enough baking brought to workouts
  • chocolate is a totally acceptable breakfast
  • paint fumes really get to me, so thanks to Dale I will no longer have to put my stencils in the oven to clean them
  • I am definitely funnier then Jen
  • People are nicer to you when you’re a Ference

The rest of my day will consist of human resourcing, eating all of the candy and home baked treats that I can get my hands on and resting up for my long run tomorrow morning – I am looking forward to paying back Jen for all of her long run marathon training – I was smart with my commitment to train with her for her August race…she’s a bit of a sucker committing to training with me for my December race…ha!

Shoutout to the paint crew for all the help.

November 8th, 2pm – Better than Bedtime. Location will be announced Wednesday.

Monday’s location is here! Meet in the middle of the bridge and bring a set of dice!





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