Magic. That’s what happened today. Daisy Dell proved to be a great work out and a tough one at that. With the constant climb of the bowl and the challenge of then breaking down into burpees or Squat Jumps or any other sort of madness tests your strength and endurance.

People sometimes ask me so what you’ re a running club. “We’re anything but.” “So how many miles do you run?” Ultimately it is not about the miles but rather how hard you can push yourself. People that train for marathons don’t just strictly train by running. Cross training will make you stronger and challenge you along the way. So Angelo and I throw the challenge of performing burpees because it will make you a speed demon, we have plank offs to support a strong core that will keep you stable as you run distances and we hug it out because it makes our hearts swell like in the final pages of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

We won’t be having any roast beast at our feast every Wednesday but there will always be an opportunity for you to be a beast. So many of you beasted it! Like the beast you are, you fucking roared your faces off and tackled anything that came your way this morning. Maybe you think you’re not beastly enough or a beast at all. Which is okay. Chances are you haven’t found your beastly inner roar but don’t worry, it’s hidden somewhere within you, in the bowl, and in the tribe. So my beast do what beasts do best. Devour! Devour your day and fucking scarf down what life has to offer. Be greedy with what life presents to you. Feed the BEAST!



Rock N’ Roll CHEER STATION. We will be meeting at Mateo and Sixth downtown at 7:35am  . Signs, fuck yeahs, and vaseline are all encouraged.

#3014– Nov. 5th we’re hitting 150 members. Be there, have your yearbook photo taken and celebrate November Projects 3rd birthday! A day to surely go down in NP_LAX history.


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