Bear Crawl Party (NYC)

On Fridays we BEAR CRAWL!
On Fridays we BEAR CRAWL!

On Fridays we revel at the close of a long work week & begin our weekend preparations. Extensive studies (aka a quick Google search) show that the top ways to celebrate Friday include such ballyhoo as taking extra long lunch breaks/naps at work, heading outside of your 5-block radius for overpriced & under-poured bespoke cocktails, bad puns & of course, uphill bear crawls. Okay, those last two are just assumptions. #AssOutOfYouAndMe

Joined by some new faces & visitors from #NP_LAX & #NP_PHL, the tribe celebrated… beary hard! Meeting at the East River Pavilion, #NP_NYC raged it uphill until we woke up the sun (better than waking up the parents), with babysitters Leanne, Chris & Sara hosting a 2-round party + after party. Magically equipped with an even number of people, partnerships were formed & epic times were had by all. If you weren’t there, aside from being square here’s what you missed…

Partners that train together, pain together
Partners that train together, pain together

The PARTY: Partner A started as the cardio control while Partner B completed a 3-exercise AMRAP in the Pavilion until their other (better?) half returned. Before switching roles, partners joined hand-in-foot to complete a transition exercise together… because sharing is caring (& share rhymes with bear which brings us back to today’s theme).

Cardio Control

  • Sprint down the hill
  • 10 burpees at the bottom
  • Bear crawl up the hill (R1 – full hill, R2 – half hill)


  • 10/leg bench taps
  • 10 spiderman push ups
  • 10/arm plank shoulder taps


  • 10 wheelbarrow lunges

The AFTER PARTY: After a solid 25 minutes of frolic, A’s & B’s formed two separate lines to cool down with running form drills.

  • 1 x sprint
  • 2 x side shuffle per side
  • 2 x carioca per side
  • 1 x high skip
  • 1 x sprint
  • 1 x high knees
  • 1 x butt kicks
  • 1 x sprint

By the end of today’s workout, we celebrated Friday so hard that we won’t even be able to walk more than 5 blocks to lift those overpriced & under-poured bespoke cocktails to our faces until Saturday. Did I mention that #freefitness is great for the wallet AND the waistline? #bearcrawlhangover

Wednesday: 5:30am & 6:28am in Carl Schurz Park @ E 86th & the East River. NOT THE FLAG POLE.

Until next time… Babysitters are signing off!

xo LDubbs

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