Bear Crawl Brawl

Firstly,  I would like to point out I was actually not hungover when we made up this workout. It was still freaking tough. So I guess be afraid of every state of mind I may be in muhahaha.

Secondly, Sam coined the name of this workout perfectly, Bear Crawl Brawl. I would like to point out that there were no burpees in this workout, WHAT?! Did you guys even notice we had been so kind?? Instead, the workout was dominated by the bear crawl. Which at first seems like a pretty harmless move, but after a few metres, and a few repeats, harmless my butt!!! (really though my butt, and shoulders!) You can bet we will see those again.


The rest of the workout consisted of a stairs (I’m not going to name names but someone told me they wanted more stairs !!!), and lots of upper body, dips, push-ups and a personal fav spider plank (Newbie disclaimer: I like planks a lot).

One of our newest tribe members, Michelle, making the stairs look easy!
Defeat or lost contact (THE WORST) ???

End all, it was a tad confusing at first, but you guys got it and you crushed it !!

What a bunch of beauties 🙂

Had the pleasure of giving out the positivity award this week, to an absolute sweetheart. Arden, has been a radiant member of the tribe for awhile.  The girl bikes every week, all winter, snowstorm, rain, -20. Dedication at its finest. She brings it every week and I don’t think I have ever seen a frown. Thanks Arden for being such an amazing presence in the tribe !!!



  • HUGE NEWS: We are changing up PR day. YES. Say goodbye to the hill repeats. The new workout? Will it be easier? Not a chance.  But it’s going to be super fun and challenge you in multiple ways. Show up next Wednesday to find out the details !!
  • GOOD LUCK to all those running Around the Bay this weekend !!!!! These cats are running 30 freaking kms ! You are all going to absolutely rock it. Hills for breakfast right ?! If you want any tagging for the race just get in touch with Sam or I !
  • DESTINATION DECK, coming to you next Friday, April 8th!! Stay tuned to the tracker for details !!! Not familiar with the deck? 4 moves, one assigned to each suit of the deck. Equals to 104 reps each move. 416 reps total. Ouchies. #weekendearned
  • TRAIL RACING! To get us ready for summit, we have a pre summit prep trail race for you! I know trail racing is a whole new ballgame for a lot of people so this will be a nice fun warm intro.  5 peaks is an awesome trail series in the area. We are looking to the race on June 25 at Rattlesnake point. There is a 5.3k option and 12.7k option. One of our tribesman, Mark Sawh, has amazingly set us up with a discount code: NOVPROJECT. You can use this code for any 5 peaks race ! THANKS MARK !!!!!!!!! Check out

Ummmmm I think that’s it !

Peace y’all ! Have a dandy of a day !

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