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If you’re looking for a group of unhappy, lazy, selfish, content with the status quo people, November Project SD is not for you.

This weekend was nothing less than inspiring. From the 64 mile, 12 hour, ON A TRACK running performance from our friend Joshua over at Team RWB to raise money for a fellow veteran who needs a new prosthetic leg to the PRs and Boston Qualifiers run at the Rock and Roll San Diego Marathon and Half Marathon, I’d say this tribe owned this weekend.

And you brought that inspiration to the rest of us this morning at Kate Sessions. Our small friend Brogan Graham threw down a 40 minute, vomit inducing workout and you guys fed off each other’s energy and dominated. We may be #weatherspoof but we still have grit.

Unless, of course, you are David Romero.


Who, for the second week in a row, dropped a #verbal for Monday morning and no showed. Dave, this time We Missed You. We missed you so much. Sober verbal, buzzed verbal, or drunk verbal – a verbal is still a verbal.

IMG_9410 (1)













Don’t be that cloud in our beautiful blue sky. Stop messing around and #justshowup.


– If I have your shirt/tank/shorts/sports bra to tag, please plan to pick it up from me Wednesday at the workout!

– ANNOUNCEMENT regarding clothing left behind: on a serious note, this is getting ridiculous. From this point forward, if you leave ANYTHING behind at a workout, we WILL NOT pick it up for you. If you don’t care enough about it to remember it, than I’m sure the person who does find it will value it more than you do. This is SD, it is almost always warm, you do not need to layer up for workouts and then leave your long sleeves/fleeces/sweatshirts behind. You also know that we move around a lot for workouts, carry only what you need with you. Please be respectful of the public spaces we use to exercise and be responsible for your own belongings. Rant over. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

– Wednesday, Bea Evenson Fountain, Balboa Park. Do. Not. Be. Late. or you won’t be able to find us. We start at 6:29. Not 6:30. Not 6:31. (Sorry, that was kind of a rant too.)

-#MayhemMonday theme for June is…drumroll…PACIFIC BEACH! Next Monday’s workout will meet at the Law Street Bluffs. And rumor has it a certain Ashleigh Voychick will be back.

– Be happy, be strong, be bright, and continue to inspire. 

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