Be a Recruiter! (BOS)

40 sections! Firedrill! 5 Pushups during each break! There, I just described our morning workout in 8 words (alright, alright…some are the numbers, and some are the words… but you get the point).

There was so much more to that just those eight words. There was a 5:30AM group that ended the workout and it was still dark. There was a gigantic 6:30AM group that dispersed during the quick rain-shower just before the group photo (we need to revisit that whole #weatherproof thing). There were a shit ton of sweat-drenched shirts that got saturated during the unseasonably warm and humid October morning. There was a #PositivityAward presentation, and seven people celebrating birthdays (I think that’s a new record). And it was all fun, and silly, and uplifting, and amazing, and I can spend hours trying to explain the emotion that goes through my bones when hundreds of throats yell out FUCK YEAH, but I would never do it justice. So don’t read the blog posts and live vicariously through our photos. Get your booty off the couch and come see what the hype is all about. For those of you that have been coming and have that one friend that’s on the fence, put your best recruiting visor on and grab a clip-board, it’s recruiting time! #3014

See you all on Friday!

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