Be a Banana and do some dips- Baltimore

Today was awesome for one really big reason that I am going to attempt to explain right now….RIGHT NOW!

I looked around this morning as faces emerged from the dark corners of Patterson Park  and chuckled to myself. There was a banana, a skeleton, an unbelievably attractive bumble bee with a beard, a tiger, some nerds, a dog in a spiderman costume…all sorts of shit and it made me laugh. Actually, I guess it was more of a giggle. I wasn’t rolling on the floor or anything but I would venture to say I chortled.


I only chortled because at that moment something dawned on me. Halloween is a wonderful holiday, one of my favorites. It’s a day set aside for wild people to get even wilder  and for boring people to pretend they have a sense of humor ( don’t worry, if you’re reading this you’re not one of them). But I wake up every Wednesday and Friday, throw on the most ridiculous jersey/t-shirt/ onesie I can find and go work out with the most kickass group of people I know. Basically, every Wednesday and Friday is a Halloween vibe compressed into 60 minutes, combined with sweat, hugs and fitness. It’s a place where wearing a lion costume or a fake beard is totally acceptable, where doing synchronized lunges while staring into someone’s soul is status quo, where whispering a sultry good morning into a strangers ear is about as extraordinary as your family’s annual trip to the New England Maple Syrup museum ( everyone’s family does that, right?).

My point is this. Enjoy the shit out of Halloween. Get as weird as you possibly can. Dress as whatever your heart desires because creativity and joy are wonderful things and you should cultivate them whenever you can. Halloween is that one evening a year where you can dress like a  Twerking Ballerina Zombie not because you like scary things but because you’ve always wanted to be a ballerina and you just watched a youtube video on how to twerk. But remember, when the buzz from your Death Metal Honey Boo Boo costume wears off, there will always be a group of fitness crazed running ninjas who would love to see you put it on again. November Project isn’t just about running stairs and giving out sweaty hugs. We hope it’s a place where you can be exactly who you want to be.

So i’m going to go put on my homemade Mr.Potato head costume and paint the town a million shades of whatever. I’m going to enjoy Halloween like it’s meant to be, on that border line between weird and awkward. And guess what…when Yearbook Photos roll around on Wednesday November 5’th, I’m bringing that vibe 100%. Because being who you are isn’t a holiday, it’s life.  Be a Banana and do some dips!

Thank you all for waking up this morning and being wonderful. Any human can put on a costume and go out on a Friday night…but it takes a special person to do hill repeats in a christmas themed onesie.


We love you all. Keep spreading love. Keep taking big bites out of life.

Remember: November 5’th, Yearbook Photos. IF you only show up one day all year…make it this day. 

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