Basketball, gnomes & hills (YEG)

It must have been the Basketball style pre-run pump up because the tribe was flying!  Or maybe it was the mysterious gnome that showed up demanding that we touch him for turbo power…  The Canadians have been sent south of the border on scouting missions… uh, I mean vacations to other tribes and have been submitting their reports.  It seems the Americans are more cunning than we first thought as they have been brainwashing our tribe into believing their hills are better than ours!  We are looking at you San Francisco! QUIT F’ing UP OUR PLANS TO TAKE OVER THE WO… I mean thanks for taking care of our members, now please send them home, now. ***If you are American, please don’t read this next part, thank you.*** Tribe, important news, we have finally tapped into the gnome power, today he made us all 15% faster and 23% better looking!  He also turned the grass and trees purple… Weird.  Our first takeover has been decided, we will take the gnome with us to Milwaukee and plant a Maple tree in their town centre which officially makes it a new Canadian tribe!  Exciting times!  Why Milwaukee?  We have determined that the rest of America will not notice if anything happens in Milwaukee and therefore enhances our chance of victory! Beaver-Canoe-Chesterfield-Out

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