Baseball Vortex (YEG)

I learned some interesting things about the tribe this morning during the baseball vortex. Apparently, most of the tribesmen don’t want anyone to see their soft side.. We all know that you’ve seen the Notebook, and we all know that you cried. You don’t need to act tough with us. You’re only cheating yourselves. We also have people from all over the world coming to our workouts. There is one thing that concerns me, though. It’s not that you have expired food in your fridge. My fridge is mostly expired food. What concerns me, is that a LARGE number of you love your pets more than you love your own family. This could have gotten really awkward if the families that showed up today had pets.

Our #weatherproof friends over at the national weather channel came back to see what we’ve been up to for the past 7 months.

The November Project Nomad was out in Vancouver this morning and had over 40 people plus a giant orca show up.

In 7.5 weeks, all 17 NP tribes will be heading to the birthplace of one of two people who birthed November Project. If you haven’t got on this yet, there is still time. And if you don’t have a team fro the #ECWSI, there are a few people from YEG who need someone, as well as a spreadsheet at the info page for people from all tribes looking for team members.

#betterthanbedtime is coming. August 17th. 4pm.

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