Bank to Bridge (MSP)

The tribe is restless. We are becoming powerful. So this Wednesday we met at our usual spot, and quickly ditched it to head up river. From the Mill City Museum, we passed 3 bridges and arrived at the base of our workout. Only feet from the Mississippi in front of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve.


The jaunt up river warmed us up for our most gnarly workout yet. We threw 30 minutes on the clock with the tribe at the bank of the river. After a quick Mississippi dip of the fingers, we started the clock and the tribe stormed the wall/stairs up to the riverside path. From there, our course followed the river south up to the Hennepin Ave bridge, where we climbed the stairs to bridge level.


Both top and bottom stops of the route featured their own workouts that were completed on every run of the course. We did solo pushups then hoisties on top of the bridge, then dips and box jumps after touching the river. Each of these workouts increased as more laps of the course were completed. So as we got more tired, the workout continued to get harder. Smiles got bigger.


Kathryn Hardy took home “official positivity” this week. We all stopped and celebrated when time ran out, while Kathryn powered through her final lap solo. Spread it Kathryn!!

We are back at the Mill City Museum next Wednesday. 6:30am. See you there!!

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