Balls of Fury (NYC)

That workout was BALLS! Literally! The NYC Tribe battled the elements this morning, as we always do! WE’RE #WEATHERPROOF! Today also had a very special occasion–we officially welcomed the Mayor into Gracie Mansion.

We split the tribe into 3 groups by the month of their birthday’s. Group 1 = January to April, Group 2 = May to August, Group 3 = September to December.  Group 3 was the biggest, lots of holiday conceptions. Each group started with a different Gracie Grotto Loop. Every time a runner made it back to the launch point (home base), they were met with two bags of balls. One bag had pink balls with numbers (0,5,10,15,20,25, ?=wildcard) and the other bag had yellow balls with letters (B=Burpees, BC=BearCrawls, D=Dips, Dance=Dance, SU=StepUps, P=Plank, J^2=JumpingJacks, ?=wildcard)

We went 30 mins HARD! Hard in the rain!


We finished this epic day with a massive welcome to the mayor and his family. We offered wine, baked goods, an apple, balloons, party favors, etc. The Mayor’s staff seemed happy to receive the tasty treats. We build community! We build family!

FRIDAY: Grant’s Tomb, 122 & Riverside Dr.

#BetterThanBedtime3 is going down this Sunday. Meet at our usual spot (Gracie Mansion Flag Pole) at 5:00 p.m.  Be prepared with your pair to have an EPIC day with EPIC experiences.

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