Balls and All (aka Adventures in Babysitting)

Blogpost from your babysitters Chris and Beaney.  We hear they made you laugh, made you smile, made you work your asses off.  We like. Here is what they have to report:


On Wednesday, NY_NYC leaders Coach John and Paulleak announced Sara Beaney and Chris Mosier would be in charge of the Friday workout, as the co-leaders were Madison-bound for the NP Summit. Since they left, it’s been all fun and games: we’ve all stayed up late sharing secrets, had ice cream for dinner, said lots of naughty words, and spent a good amount of time at the playground this morning.

Today’s workout was “Balls and All” at St. Catherine’s playground. Balls and All is Aussie slang (nod to Beaney) for an all-out effort – and that’s exactly what happened. Plus, we really had balls. We split into five awesome groups. The group running two laps around the track served as our station timer, while the other groups passed a medicine ball for over-unders, rolled a basketball from plank position while answering random questions about themselves, did back-to-back wall sits with NO WALL, or rocked some hoisties. We learned each other’s favorite snack foods. We learned one another’s favorite ’80s songs and ’90s movies. We learned Chris Mosier can whistle quite well. Two sets of each station and it was over to the base line for team games.


Our groups lined up and did variations of team relays using the full basketball court as our guide. Fun stuff like lunges to bear crawls to lunges and sprint back. We couldn’t tell you what was more fun to watch: high skips to half court, or karaoke (grape vines) to midway, both with a sprint to the finish and a return trip back to start. No one broke their face on the grape vines (a legitimate concern), so that was a win (would hate to have had to explain THAT to our leaders). We have some fast side shufflers in our group as well. We finished with a hardcore suicide sprint session and a lot of Friday spirit, took an easy group lap around the track, and hit the spiral slide on the playground for our group pic.

Shout out to everyone who went Balls and All today. Definitely a #WeekendEarned. Shout out to our birthday girl Rebecca, and to our visitors from Denver and DC. Thanks for being here for our Adventures in Babysitting. …I’m pretty sure we’ll get hired back.

John and Paulleak are back next week: Wednesday, 6:28 am. Gracie Mansion. And 5:30 am is a thing now, so go early, go double, or go regular. Just go. And #bringafriend.

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