Backwards Day (YEG)


Find the Good,


See you Friday at Walterdale Hill

  • The world is celebrating running today. Join the world.
  • Our photographers, Katie and Steven do amazing work to get photos for everyone.
  • Black lemons are my favourite lemons.
  • Andrew and I NEVER pick on Jen. NEVER.
  • Presenting the Positivity Award will always be one of the best parts of being a leader. Congratulations Max!
  • Andrew was policing and handing out penalties when  people skipped sections.
  • The lower bowl required more parkour than usual.
  • Bubbles are not a swarm of flies.
  • DJs play music.
  • No one cares how fast you are, or how slow you are. They do care how positive you are and how encouraging you are.
  • Today reinforced the idea that the more people that show up to the workout, the better the workout will be.
  • Today was the largest turnout we have ever had at a workout. We think there was around 350 beautiful people with us.
  • Things were a bit backwards. From the 5 Yeah Fucks, to starting on the east side, I am still trying straighten my life out after this morning.
  • This blog only makes more sense if you started from the bottom and worked your way up.

Observations from this morning:

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