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I’m just gonna come out and say it… Daylight savings bloody well sucks.  As a northern tribe and one that rips at 6AM, we pay our dues for approximately 10 months of darkness, waiting for the season of light.  With a little tease the other week and perhaps the best blog post ever by our special guest, the Sun, I was ready to stock up on some early morning Vit D.  I propose an early morning post workout social, complete with champagne, doughnuts, an omlette station, Nadim’s mariachi band, and maybe one of those fancy frozen drink concoction makers the next time the sun shows its face at our workout.  In the meantime…. No sun means pretty cool looking photos, glowing lights on shoes having a purpose, a little edge to the workout (everyone was f’n givin’er this morning) and the ability to hide out in your car and stay warm for a couple minutes without looking like a weirdo hanging out in your parked car.  Nadim had an amazing blog the other day so I’m not even going to try and be funny anymore, this is the end of the blog.

Wednesday we run up the amazingness that is Royal Glenora stairs.

Friday is anything but normal… No hills.  Meet at the Fort Edmonton parking lot.  Don’t be late.  You will feel shame and be all alone, or be stuck with the others that were also late.  Poor you.

Have a day that ranges between above average to wonderful, do something nice for someone, do something nice for yourself.  xo AF


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