Back with Ezio (YEG)

Our good pal, Ezio Faraone, was missing us, so we brought even more friends with us as to the park. Somehow we managed to fit over 150 people on a single flight of stairs while dodging other users. I kept telling myself that these stairs will be easier since we’ve been training at the stadium, but that was not the case. Also, 5 burpees per set seemed like a great idea last night. For some strange reason there were few people giving Ezio a high five. Instead, they wanted to get a headstart on their burpees and do them well before they got to the pylon. Fierce. The 1 CMBG (Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group) showed up to keep us safe. They weren’t able to stop me from being attacked by mosquitos though.

Can someone explain to me (using science of course) why it is so humid?

Friday we will be at Emily Murphy Park at 6am and we will be tagging #grassrootsgear on any non-black shirt.

All 17 tribes are on a collision course to meet in Madison, WI on September 12th and 13th. Can’t wait to see what creative team names you come up with.

BetterthanBedtime3 is August 17th at 4pm. Mark your calendars.

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