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We’ve had a bit of radio silence from the blogosphere lately. That ends now. Things have escalated on Instagram (pun intended), our mission to recruit Michelle Obama to a workout is stronger than ever (but not as strong as Michelle), and I passed my qualifying exams. Two of these are things you should care about. So forget about Insta and let’s focus on me. Kidding. So here’s the lowdown on what’s next for #NP_DC:

1. Michelle’s Spot

We’ve decided to leave a space in our Wednesday 6:30 group photos for Michelle. The hype on our end is large. NOW, we turn to you to continue that. Hop on the train and recruit like hard. What does this involve? Randomly instagramming, tweeting, facebooking, and myspacing that group photo or even another photo from NP and tagging Michelle in it. Tell her a story. Recruit her. Show her what she’s been missing. Do this at all hours of the day. Courteous but to the point. We won’t stop until she JUST SHOWS UP and you shouldn’t stop either.


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 3.09.15 PM

Here’s how it works. Sign on at least once. The very first time might be awkward and you’ll check some box that’s ‘terms and conditions’ (and waiver) but I promise it doesn’t hurt. Then you can see your history and your city in the top right, log or track (or just say you were there) the most recent workouts, and verbal for future workouts. Simple. Do it. Just #Verbal for Friday’s workout right now. Boom.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 3.10.27 PM3. WEATHERPROOF Humans

Lastly, as we approach the colder temperatures, remember that the human body is weatherproof (in the right number of layers). NOW is the time to get into that habit of the 5:30AM alarm on MWF. You won’t regret it. So stop coming up with excuses and JUST SHOW UP. Cool? Yeah, you are cool *smiley face wearing wayfarer sunglasses*



Tryptophan 10k TOMORROW at 8AM. Earn your turkey.

FRIDAY WORKOUT at the Georgetown Waterfront fountain, 6:28AM. Work off your turkey.



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