Back to the Future

You ever wish you could go back in time and re-do something that has already happened?  I often think about that when my alarm clock goes off so darn early.  I usually say to myself, “I wish I went to be earlier last night!”  If only I could rewind the clock and crawl in bed sooner, making it that much easier to get my ass up in the morning.  I’d do it!

I don’t hope for all of us to have regrets in life, which make us want to re-do situations.  But sometimes, having a chance to repeat, re-do, or return to a place we’ve been, actually helps us to truly take advantage of the opportunity we have in that moment.  Enter the “back to the future” workout in the stadium.  We did it this morning– when the whistle blew, you went back one section (or two!!) and continued running.  It gave us a chance to go back and have a re-do.  I realize that every section is hard and to “have to” do it again can suck in some moments, especially when you didn’t get enough sleep like me, or when it’s really freaking humid and warm and you’re sweatier than you’ve ever been!  But how often do we really get to go back and do it again?  If it was awesome the first time, we can re-live that and enjoy how good we’re feeling today.  If it was super hard that first time, going back becomes a chance to dial in, and own it the second time!

Life doesn’t often give us those chances to re-do or try again, but pushing through all those back-to-the-future re-do sections cultivates perseverance in us. It gives us strength to do a little more, even if we thought we’d never get through it.  I think if we take a lesson from the hard, sweaty work we put in this morning in the stadium, we’ll probably begin to see all kinds of cool re-do moments in life.  Where we actually get to go back and simply practice the things that are challenging for us.  We always expect you to dial in and to push through those “extra” sections in the stadium.  In life, we get to do the same thing.  Rather than seeing set-backs or challenges as bad things, they can be badass opportunities to take steps forward with purpose & thoughtfulness.

Maybe there is greater meaning in our workouts from time to time–or we can simply enjoy the weirdness and the workout…and the siren noise we make when the back to the future fire drill gets called.  Either way, it’s all good.

How many sections did you complete today, (firedrills included!)?

We’ll see you in the future–on FRIDAY at the hills.  Tell us you’ll be there!

530 group photo 630 group photo

Quote of the day: “Deniz and Emily do not want me to make it to the shade.”  –Andrew Schwartz (after doing so many fire drills that he could not make it to section 13, where the sections are shaded from the sun.)

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