Back To The Future – BOS

It’s been a while since we enjoyed a solid downpour like the one from this morning. But we couldn’t complain too much as the comfortable temperatures kept our wet asses nice and warm. It was a perfect summer morning that we spiced up with newly introduced #BackToTheFuture workout. The idea of this workout is pretty simple. It is similar to the #FireDrill in the sense that every time the cowbell goes off you have to do something (pushups, situps, or burpees). The only difference is that burpees or situps are replaced by going back one section. If you made it all the way to section 1 this morning, you actually completed 48 sections with 5:30 group and 44 sections with the 6:30am squad. You can tell that BG was cowbell happy early on.


In case you’ve been living the life of leisure in the last week or so, you missed out on the announcement of our third annual run-to-the-social event. We will gather at Cambridge Commons on Sunday at 5PM to start our run/bike ride (only if you can’t run) to the secret location. This year’s theme is Noah’s Ark – they came in twos. Find a partner and start working on the costume now – you have 5 days to go. Bring some cash to tip the good folks that will be serving you drinks.

Happy Wednesday!

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