Building YEG

With Jen and I returning from the annual NPSummit, we decided it was time to let new co-leader, Tyler, run his first workout. It was so badass, it even had Jen wondering how much time was left. We somehow managed to get through the entire thing. 

I just spent the last 4 days with over 300 people from 26 tribes and I have never been more proud of November Project Canada. On Friday morning, 27 tribe members from Edmonton were spreading love in Salt Lake City, while the rest of our tribe had, what looked like one of the funnest workouts in a long time. It was easily the best bilingual workout we have ever done. Whether you were at Walterdale Hill in YEG or at the State Capitol in SLC or wherever Tanis and Matt ended up, Friday morning was amazing. That was followed by a flood of support from everyone back at home to our racers who absolutely crushed the mountain at Park City on Saturday. From supporting each other, to supporting other cities, it was evident that the tribe is stronger than ever. Everyone (Utah or Edmonton) is strengthening the reputation of our tribe, our city and our country. The tribe is strong.
Wednesday is 28:19 day. Let’s continue to make yEg stronger!

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