Back by Popular Demand!

Yeah we did! If you missed the action yesterday….you missed it. And it was fun. So much fun that we had a TBT a day early. Back by requests and positive feedback was the Deck workout. More accurately described as the deck of death toward the end of the workout.

I don’t know about all y’all but my chest is HURTING! And I love it 🙂 Don’t love putting on my sweater or back pack today but it gives some satisfaction once they’re both on and I remember with a smile why I am feeling this pain. Group #1 (avec moi) had about 4 heart cards in a row. Hearts were push ups. Enough said.

Spirits were high and hard work was happening all over the place. I felt proud of every single person who was giving it their all on Wednesday. That’s how we do!

Cool Cats
Cool Cats

3 NEW tribers and our two newbies last week returned! Welcome, Sharm, Eddie, and Singlung. Please forgive the spelling butchery. Super impressed with all 3 of their enthusiasm and hard work straight off the bat! No hesitations all three jumped right in. Boom!

Did you know that NP YYZ has not only super strong people physically and mentally but also super smart?? Yeah, not me but several others. I suffered from early morning brain drain when I messed up the math for deck at least twice…okay 3 times…and couldn’t remember for the life of me that Ace = 14. In my head, “Claire, for fucks sake! ACE = 14!!!” God! Sharm made me feel extra smart when she admitted to knowing what our second to last row would be because she can count cards……I was thinking, “Yeah, I’m still working on my numbers.” Different strokes. At least my mommy thinks I’m special 😉

Speaking of special, congratulations JANE on receiving the Positivity Award! What a woman! 57 and kicks so much butt that if you don’t put in your bestest of efforts you will feel shame, shame shame. And rightly so because this lady lays it down each week and then some! Who is doing extra sit ups after our workouts? Jane. Who is challenging “the youngins” (as she puts it)? Jane.

We love her. We appreciate her. Thank you for being you, Jane!

I sporadically asked the group to give a facial expression that has not been suggested before. This is how it turned out.

This is serious business

By the by, we had about 10 of our regulars unable to join and two had to leave a bit early before this photo was taken. What does this mean?? We’re growing. The tribe is STRONG!!


Over and Out.

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