Babysitters Club Finale (LAX)

When I hear the word ‘babysitter’ I automatically think of this one time that I told my babysitter the door wouldn’t lock behind us if we went outside. She listened, we walked out, the door locked behind us. WHOOPS. We then spent the next 2 hours trying to break into my house, via me being hoisted up by my babysitter and brother, and me crawling through my brothers bedroom window.

Ok, so that might have been a completely useless anecdote of yet another time that I led someone astray because I went all #yolo and didn’t #checkmyselfbeforeIwreckedmyself… BUT, I swear I’m going somewhere with this. (Sidenote: if I throw a babyyyyyyyy in here, will you think it was actually Chance that did this? Worth a try.)

Anyways, point is, it’s completely possible for things to take a wrong turn when the parents are gone.

This is where I get to say that mom (#tarataratara) and dads (#coachsteve & #benbenben) raised some pretty magical children because the tribe was on point this morning. The energy, the smiles, the sweat, the laughs, the DANCE MOVES— you guys just know how to make a babysitter proud!!!


There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing a group of your favorite people attack a challenge with not only intensity and heart, but with a huge smile wiped across their face! I feel so honored and #blessed to have had the privilege to co-lead and witness this amazing energy and movement from a new perspective. I always feel it when I’m using the high-fives and f-yeah’s as motivation and fuel to get through my own workout, but HOT DAMN was it fun to see that energy fly across the hills of Runyon via the beautiful humans of the LAX tribe (SF & Baltimore too!).


OH YEAH, that’s another thing. THE HILLS. This was not an easy course by any means, and you guys attacked it like a Costco sized pint of blueberries. (Oh, maybe that’s just me again. DONUTS. You attacked it like a box of DONUTS.)


So I might need to work on my blog topic ideas (#procrastination) BUT let’s just end on a high note and remind ourselves of the magic that ensued in that bounce this morning! There’s a Chance it was pretty epic.

Ok, on that note, I now hand the baton back to the #parents. Welcome back guys, we missed you!




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