August Taper (DEN)

We had a sneak attack audit from like 15 November Project District of Columbians today. Yes total sneak attack: like no #traverbal tweets, no #Np_TSA instagrams. Just an ‘Old School’ style mini-van rolls up to our workout, a bunch of dudes topple out of the side hatch, and all of a sudden it’s like worlds colliding in the high plains.

That said, the #NP5280 tribe responded in the finest manner. We know why NP_DC was here. No, it wasn’t our annual November Project audit, rather they were reconn-ing us. Yes, I know it’s sad, but very true. You see the November Project Summit is just 6-weeks away. This will be the next opportunity for our 21 internationally-known tribes to stick it to each other and prove once and for all who be the FITTEST TRIBE OF ALL THE TRIBES. So like a chameleon in disguise, your NP5280 tribe struck a pose and hid their royal flush from NP_DC. We flawlessly executed our, “oh I’m tapering, so I”m not going to hit the hill at 70-mph like I usually do.” Some of you jogged, others stretched, while even more of you used the uber-convenient porter potty with the daily newspaper.

Be Casual. No sudden movements.
Be Casual. No sudden movements.

Well done tribe, well done. The 20 other tribes that will meet us on the trails of Park City Resort, won’t know what hit them when we switch from chameleon to butterfly (that’s the appropriate metamorphosis sequence, correct?). Yeah, that’s right Monarch Butterflies. The beautiful & majestic butterflies of NP5280 are coming to getcha.  

We’ll see you on the dirt, NP_DC.

One Love,



WEDNESDAY: 530/615A. We race for PR Clovers at the Civic Center Amphitheather. Bring your A-Game Faces.

SUMMIT: Still haven’t signed up for the marathon relay at the Summit?? Grab a running partner and dial the the deets.

BUTTERFLY FACTOID: The caterpillar is a voracious eater, capable of consuming an entire milkweed leaf in less than five minutes. They gain about 2700 times their original weight, and in the process, excrete an abundant quantity of “frass” (or waste).


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