Audible (YEG)

Today, we called an audible. For those that are unfamiliar with the word, audible, it has nothing to do with a verbal. It has nothing to do with cancelling a workout either. The term audible is commonly used in an American sport called football. It is used when deviating from the initial plan after assessing the situation. For example, when the hill is too icy to safely have a large amount of yahoos going up and down at the same time, we must do something else. Today, we called an audible. Jen would have been proud.


Schedule for next week:

Monday – We adieu to Bridge Month under the MacKinnon Ravine Bridge on 142nd Street.

Wednesday – 28:19 Day at the RG stairs.

Thursday – Churchill Square

Friday – Gallagher Park – Bring a toboggan


Now go to your room and do your homework.

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