“Appeal to the Great Spirit” (1909). #RacingArt1 #MFA

Monday has become a favorite weekly gathering for many of the core NP members. #DestinationDeck is fun, different, and almost always leaves you with a smile on your face. Today’s #RunDeckRun had little side of “art class” spice that forced our racers to be creative under fire. Was it weird? A little. Was it fun? Yes. Was it a workout in a location and style that has never been done before in this history of this grumpy, old city? 100%.

Today’s voting for for our art project will take place on our Facebook page. The piece with the most number of “LIKES” before Wednesday, October 10 at 6:30am will win a FREE Ibex wool shirt & socks from Ibex Boston. Keep in mind, these are crayon drawings done this morning viewing the Museum of Fine Arts’ famous “Appeal to the Great Spirit” (1909). We know, we’re excited too. Head to FB now and cast your votes.

See you WEDNESDAY to race 40 flights.

Halloween’s Theme Party/Harvard Stadium Workout is “Capes & Feathers” – start planing now!

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6 Replies to ““Appeal to the Great Spirit” (1909). #RacingArt1 #MFA”

  1. We welcome the winter. In cold weather, workouts are worth more, hugs feel warmer, and only the truest members come through to each session. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. 40 sections for time.

  2. I cannot BELIEVE I missed this one! Effin work travel. Hilarious video…I’ve been showing it to a bunch of people trying to get new recruits.

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