Around The Carousel (NYC)

The sun set the East River and the Manhattan Bridge ablaze this morning. Rumor was it going to be a beautiful weekend, so the parents decided to get away for the weekend and travel to Utah. Babysitters were hired. Permission slips were signed for a field trip to Brooklyn and carousel rides in Dumbo.


When #NP_NYC ventures over the East River to Brooklyn, the line is “Brooklyn goes hard.” This Friday morning, the law firm of Massey, Mura, and Shea upped the ante. Not only was Brooklyn going to go hard, Brooklyn was going to go loud and with attitude.

The workout captured the location well. A partner workout with 5 stations around the Carousel. It was straight to the point. F***-Yea push-ups, hoisties, step-ups, dips, and a run around the plaza. 2 laps, change partners, repeat for 30 minutes. Attention to detail was given.


Eye contact was essential.


Perhaps inspired by the Summit and Utah, sometimes one partner was not enough.


At the end of the workout, the kids were ready to go home and nap. Some didn’t wait until they got home to fall asleep.


The parents will be home after their exciting weekend away. The kids hope to see lots of pictures. At least those not harmed in the making of today’s workout.



Closing Argument: Wednesday September 30 at 5:28/6:28: 102nd Street Bridge – meet on the Wards Island side of the bridge. Things will be tagged. Fall marathoners, this is the ideal workout to have items tagged so you can wear it before the race!


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