-Thank you to everyone who showed up to Nicks Run this morning! It was fun to get some quality time to hangout. Congrats to all of our NP folks who walked away with podium finishes today! Every one of you makes us proud. 

-Congrats on everyone who participated in Ragnar this weekend. I pulled up behind a van with a super sweet NP Phoenix magnet tagged on the van. Made my whole Ragnar. Thanks Stephanie for tagging the vans to promote NP. 

-PR workout next week. Bring your A-game. And your headlamp.

Arizona Love

I’ve always considered myself to be a romantic. I know those of you reading this who know me well are probably shaking you head, but it’s true –  except of course when it comes to Valentine’s Day. The romantic side of me loves the idea of Valentine’s Day and everything the day entails; however, when forced to choose between celebrating Valentines Day or Arizona State Day I choose Arizona Statehood Day every time. Granted, I was single for many a Valentine’s Day making the choice rather easy, but that doesn’t change my affection for this great state and the joy I get from celebrating Statehood Day.

I am very proud of my Arizona roots. I was born and raised in Phoenix and after a few moves have found my way back to the valley. I wish that I could say that it was love at first sight, but like many I took my home state for granted while growing up here. It wasn’t until I moved away did I begin to see the great things that Arizona has to offer and it wasn’t until I started hitting the trails that I began to understand the magnitude of the state’s beauty.

One of the reasons for starting the November Project tribe here in Arizona was to share my love for Arizona with others. I wanted to challenge those who might not share the same sentiment to change their opinion, to let our many transplants know that it is okay to love both your hometown and your new town, and to show those who are new to the valley how best to be inspired.

So, thank you to our Phoenix tribe for putting up with my Arizona antics and for celebrating Arizona Statehood Day with me this past Wednesday. I hope you learned something interesting in our statehood trivia workout. Shoutout to JD, Katie, Karen, and Amanda who clearly studied or are also proud Arizonans as they were not phased by the trivia questions thrown their way.

Huge thank you to Amanda and Karen for bringing those amazing Arizona state cookies. I love you and them. 

Thanks @treehousebakery!

Now get out there and start exploring!

Peace, love and cacti,


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