Are you scared of November Project?

Does November Project scare you?? Are you intimidated by us? Do you wish you could show up, but you’re waiting until you feel [insert any of the following: fit, strong, sexy, confident, etc.] enough?

What if I told you that we actually built November Project just for you?

Yes, you!

I know you might not think you’re fast enough. I know you might be “waiting until you get a six pack before you show up.” I know you might be waiting until you can run a full mile, or hit that 7-minute-mile pace on your 5k. It’s easy to do. “I’m going to put this barrier in place because I’m actually intimidated by these crazy people.” What many people see on Facebook and Twitter is a massive mob of fiercely fit individuals that finish 50 sections of Harvard Stadium in record time* and think “Wow. That looks cool, too bad I could never do that.” 

False. You CAN do it. You don’t need anything more than yourself.

Will you be the fastest one? No.
Will you be the slowest one? No. Seriously. You won’t be the slowest one. I promise.
Will you be the fittest one? No.
Will you have the best six-pack? Probbly not–that title belongs to Nick Stamas**

All you need to do is show up once. You don’t need to wait for shit. Show up as you are. If there is some target or goal you want to hit (whether it’s min/mile pace, six pack, distance, confidence, or whatever) I know November Project can help in some way, shape, or form.

This group of yahoos IS out of control. They ARE fast (and getting faster every fucking day). They’re also some of the kindest, most sincere, most accepting group of individuals I’ve ever met. If you’re sitting on the side lines, reading this blog, watching us through social media, and are too scared to show up, set your alarm right now for Friday morning. Show up this Friday, 6:29 am at the hills in Brookline and see it first hand–through your own eyes. Show up. Bounce with us. Hug with us. And allow yourself to be pulled slightly out of your comfort zone. I GUARANTEE it’s worth your time.

I showed up for the first time 3 years ago, and this group changed my life in ways that I can’t explain in a blog, and it has the potential to do the same for you. All you have to do is try. Do it for yourself. I’ll see you there.

Much Love,
– C. Payne

*  This morning we had a Frogman1 Record set, by the one and only Krzysztof Danielewicz. Believe it or not, he ran 50 sections in 26:29. True story: He came up to me this morning and said “So… I just got a PR–but I also think I got an ‘R’.” And I said, “Dafuq is an ‘R’??”

**  PLEASE ACTUALLY SHOW UP if you have abs that are better than this dude’s. It’s starting to go to his head.

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