Are Those Crabs? (CHI)

Yes, those ARE crabs. At least, those are what humans look like, while sideways crab running (pincers out). Today, in what can be described as gym class for kids in adult bodies, we discovered a new level of lateral movement. 30 minutes of side-step sprints, with stations of burpees and dips, tested every members early-morning resolve. No surprise, they passed with flying fucking colors.

We werent finished here though. Last week, one of our core-members called out a co-leader as an attempt to show him up. Obviously this back-fired and we decided to dedicate this brand-new, ridiculously hard, fitness manuever in honor of your her valiant attempt. This one aint going away folks, so start working on your form. For your viewing pleasure, we bring you “The Becky.”



Remember kids, your #innapropriatelyfast #np_homework is due by the end of the month. Post your entry to IG displaying your incredible speed, somewhere incredibly innaproriate. #Grasrootsgear is a must

-BC & AW

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