April is REAL

Been a while since I wrote a blog. Lets give it a whirl.

Today marked WARMTH. Today marked fire. Today marked GROWTH. ONWARD NP_DC.

Cool shit that happened today:

  • We had both a 12 and a 14 year old race it out with us. LUCY & FLANNERY. BOOM.
  • We got to know people by their names, not the angle at which their hips meet your bellybutton.
  • We ARE planning our WELCOME phrase.
  • Mother fucking MONDAYYYS.
  • Birthday bash for 3 core members and one DROP IN. “BOOM.”


#POSITIVITYAWARD: Stecco, badass chick, metros in from Fairfax (last stop on Orange line), does shit with Game of Thrones, is on the VARSITY field hockey team, and shows up EVERY week with other GMU gals. Solid chick, solid racer, SOLID HUMAN.


FRIDAY: That whole winter thing delayed blossoms from blossoming, so we’re going to explore a FUN location. FREEDOM PLAZA, next to Obama. Give him a wave on your way.

LOVE: Always.


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