April Fools

It all started with a little post…

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First comment: “#AprilFools??” Yeah…best part about it is that our buddy Officer Brother liked the “April fools???” comment and then later on said the following:


That he wished he had thought to do the same thing and arrest the three of us. What’d we learn from all of this?

1. The Police Officers of Brookline, MA are awesome.
2. The Klawiters are funnier than they are fast.

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3. We have the most dedicated tribe in the world. The number of you that were willing to drop everything at a moment’s notice and help us in any way was overwhelming. The number of people that decided they’d meet at Harvard to run stairs was amazing.

4.  It’s a reminder of the power of #justshowup.  We throw that # around a lot but it’s powerful.  Think on that for a second – in a moment like this morning.  After all the buzz that went around a huge amount of people STILL SHOWED UP.  Not really knowing what to expect, knowing who will be there.  This is more than a workout, this is a community, we’re a family.  No matter how long you’ve been coming, whether you get our jokes or not, you are PART of this movement.  This morning was edgy, this morning was different, this morning was fun.


The point is–we joke a lot. We make dumb jokes, we make inappropriate jokes, we make jokes that aren’t even funny at all, and no matter what–we will always be here. We love STARTING our week, humping (? – there’s definitely a better verb – but this is just too good) our week and ENDING it with all you incredible humans.  We’ll be here from now until the end of time–to make you smile, to make you cringe, and to push you out of your comfort zone in the best way we know how.

#justshowup on Monday.  To the Tasty Burger parking lot.  It’ll be weird. It’ll be fun.

Much love,


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