Antibodies Anonymous (DEN)

Pat on the back to those who made it out this morning, and especially those that made it out both mornings this week to (attempt) to sweat it out in 0-1 degree weather. I think we made our point to ma nature that we are #weatherproof and we respectfully ask she resume normal temperatures in the weeks to come.

Today we ran the old favorite Antibody loop. It is important to note that an antibody is not the same thing as an amoeba. Noted. We also learned that 87% of the tribe does not know what an antibody is, but thanks to todays workout, you now know what one looks like. You can also be thankful to your antibodies later when you do not get sick after you made the unexplainable and irrational decision to wake up before the sun to run hills in 0 degree weather with 40 of your closest friends. Antibodies are the moelcules that bind to mean things in your body and instruct them to be destroyed. Not only did you earn your weekend today, but now you’ve learned something. BOOM.  Have a great weekend!

antibodyMake sense now?

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