Anti-Antibodies (DEN)

Because we represent the essence of positivity in our fruitful playground of Denver, today your NP5280 tribe dowsed our Governor’s Park with the Anti-Antibodies Seltzer ™ workout. Hear me out on this one….

It’s not often that we schedule a workout at Gov’s Park, so the LtSargeral thought long and hard about revamping the Antibody circuit to make it slightly mo’ positively charged. Because antibodies are cooler than neutrons, but warmer than amoebas….wait wait… General what are antibodies again?? Anyway, today’s workout was succinctly doubly negative… which equates to an adequately over-zealous positive. To add some definition to the full body sculptures that you fitness fiends are becoming, we threw in the 5-5-5 salsa/seltzer shimmy shake (??) to get the tribe stroking on all cylinders in the wee hours of this crisp October morning.

Regardless of what the previous two paragraphs claimed, today’s workout taught lessons of accountability and camaraderie. NP5280 had some boys paying off a burpee bet (500!!!) that they made with the PR Cloverettes prior to the November Project Summit in Park City. In comraderie new, the tribe had the opportunity to be background dancers in our comrade, Stefan’s, Lulu music video shoot… appropriately titled “ How the City got Fitness-ized” Album drops in November.

Got it? Go get it,


WED 10/14 530/615A Civic Center Park!

SUN 10/18: Sign up now to Volunteer  for the Rock N Roll Marathon water station. Cheer on your tribe’s mates racing! Select group November Project 5280, duh. Message Drew Beesing / @dbeesing /#abeesing for more info.

615 Group Straight Loungin'

615 Group Straight Loungin’
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