Today’s “We Missed You” is brought to you by the one and only Robin Einhorn. If you don’t know Robin that’s because you don’t come to NP Denver. She is one of our most positive, most regular and most dedicated. She has even transformed her husband into one of our most regular and dedicated 5:30 groupers. That’s right, they both come every week, all the way from Thorton at different times because they know the power of the verbal. Robin always has a smile on her face. But yesterday, Robin seemed sad. We just learned why….
Anthony. Dude. What the heck.

I’m not going to lie- I was super stoked when LaNae and Rachel told me that you were going to come to November Project this morning. I was super pumped to hear that you live right downtown and that it was on your way to work- it’s a no brainer! I mean, come on- the three of us ladies drive into the city from Thornton-Firestone-Erie; how nice and easy would it be to be you???

But, no.  You abandoned us.

I excitedly bounced through the crowd, looking for your super badass ponytail and smiling face to be the first one to give you a bear hug and a high five. The three of us anxiously awaited your arrival- you know, since you live so close. For shame.
Look at these sad and confused faces you created.

We think you’ll show up next week because, well, you verballed on that note that we shared with the internet. And, if you can’t keep your word to us, maybe you can at least keep your word to the whole internet. I hope that next week, when your alarm goes off and you reach to snooze it, you’ll think of these downtrodden frowns and imagine the anguish that you again would cause.  And then, maybe you won’t break a damn verbal.  Because, Anthony, WE MISSED YOU. 

Hugs and High fives,
Robin, LaNae, and Rachel.
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