Another Epic Morning (SF)

There are some mornings where it’s just unfair how amazing this city is. I honestly feel bad for people who stay in bed and NP tribes in less scenic places (that’s like all the others pretty sure).

Seriously, look at these photos. These were take on Laura’s phone for goodness sake.

WhatsApp-Image-20160523 (1) WhatsApp-Image-20160523 (3) WhatsApp-Image-20160523 (10)


It’s mornings like this where I can’t believe we get to live here and workout in this beautiful place. The positivity, hugs, and general vibe this morning are kicking my week off so strongly. That’s what this community and movement is all about. Getting people up, making connections, and putting great energy into the world. Let’s get after it today!

-Happy hour this week. Location known but not by me. Oops. Ask Perry or Pete Kruse. We’ll publish it somewhere too.

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