Annelise Mecca(n’t) (DCA)

Budweiser wants to remove ‘No’ from your vocabulary. We won’t go that far but we do want you to stay true to your word…like when you tell someone you’ll #JustShowUp…I think we have a name for that. Oh yeah, it’s called a #VERBAL. This morning, one of those was broken along with our hearts.


You see, this particular someone taunted a fellow member into committing to attending the workout this morning:




And thinking, oh she went to school in Philly hence she’d never break a verbal, she works for print media (it lives) hence her word is like solid gold, she’s a fast cat and dedicated member hence she wants to #EarnHerWeekend…




Oh how I was wrong.

What would Nancy and Joe (her parents) think? I’m not sure where on the scale of 1 to ‘they just ran out of my favorite flavor disappointment’ that is, but letting down your tribe is even worse. Seriously though, we’re not mad just DISAPPOINTED.



Your whereabouts from this morning are still unknown. Maybe you were too busy practicing your make-out skills:


Or maybe you tried to swim to the workout and we didn’t see you in the water:


Or maybe you were still recovering from your Tuesday celebrations of Mexican Independence:


Either way, it’s a sad, sad day. You missed a beautiful sunrise, a kickass workout, and sweaty hugs. But worst of all, Annelise,



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