Angels Point (LAX)

With the smell of molded broccoli, baby diapers and that wet spinach at the bottom of the bag permeating the bottom of the hill, many of you may have questioned our location. We had originally planned to do an arm workout at the Santa Monica bathrooms plunging away, but the influx of tourist would have us working too hard.

As soon as we pepped up our step immediately and met some new friends we were off and running the trail to Angels Point with hill repeats for 40 minutes. These hills are not easy, the terrain is tough to work with. Constantly working your mind for foot placement and keeping your head up for the constant incline is so important.



You all brought an insanely positive attitude to that trail this morning. Every high five, every smile, every callout kept each of you pushing strong and destroying today’s workout. I am completely impressed by everyone of your attitudes and your willingness to dive in with a smile. Your vibe is exactly what this city needs. Spread you this weekend and make someone’s day more positive.

You are all amazing human beings.




HOMEWORK- Monthly Push Ups- Choose a number of 50 or more for your day. Break it up throughout the day so by the end of your day you end up reaching your goal. We’re going for an honest challenge to see who follows through EVERY DAY of AUGUST!


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