We thought this day would never come. Just like you this morning.

We planned a workout; you weren’t there. We watched a giant tree become decorated; you weren’t there. We bounced; still no Andy. Even at the burnout … we had hope. But alas, you were not to be seen.

We get it. You have a warm bed. Well, aren’t you lucky. You probably didn’t even need your pajama pants you were so warm. Well, we needed them. This Friday morning was just not the same.

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things…
… eh. Close enough.

No matter the excuse, your presence was missed. Friday the 13th can only get better, right? Stay warm, feel better, and if you want to keep your day job, we’ll keep the sunrise scheduled for you. All you have to do is #justshowup.

Oh, and this:

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