Andrew Ference, A Style Like No Other (YEG)

I’ve been waiting almost 5 years for this day. Finally, in almost 5 years, one of us slept through their alarm. This fear of being the first of the leadership group to have a we missed you post has been lurking in my head since the day we started. And we were all competitive and stubborn enough to not let it happen to us. Until today…

I’m hoping this is just a one-time thing, and not something that you do now that you’re a hall of famer.

Throughout your life, you’ve been able to look in the eye of danger, calmly step aside, and avoid a disaster.

One thing you can’t avoid though is a broken verbal.

Unlike my more reliable co-leader, Jen, I have not had the opportunity to know you as long as she has. However, in the time that I have known you, I have always been amazed at your electic style. I had initially thought that this was something you picked up when you lived in Portland, Czech Republic or Wilkes-Barre.  However, I recently found out that you were actually born with this “gift”.

I figure it’d be best to go through a few of the phases that have defined your style.

Let’s start with your great choice of hairstyles. We begin this phase at the same place it begins for most of us. In your constant struggle to take things seriously, while also having fun, you applied that to your hair. Up front, it’s all business, but when you left a little party out back to blow in the wind as you flew by.

You also decided to bring some colour into the world and experimented with the red stripe.

You even took it in a really weird direction and went with some green curls.

Both seemed to fail miserably, but you did find a good spot in the middle with the long/wavy hairstyle.

This is the perfect time to talk about Shirtless Andrew. At a young age, you wanted everyone to know you were strong and tough.

Everyone needed to know you had muscles, and if they didn’t, you were going to show them. Any chance you get, that shirt is off.

With Shirtless Andrew, you often tried to divert the attention from your hair and everything else going on so that everyone could see how strong you look.

Don’t think we don’t notice those zipper pants!

OR those sweet shades.. and belt buckle! I didn’t realize riding shirtless was a thing. I must have missed that episode of Sons of Anarchy.

While we’re showing photos of you and your motorbike, what is on your feet? Are those leather crocs?

Even when you try to hide it, you still want everyone to know you don’t have to wear a shirt. (Side Note: I need to know the story behind this towel.)

All of this has lead us to the style that is so uniquely you. And now, once we understand how we got here, it all makes perfect sense.

Sleeping in and missing our workout felt like you were sticking up your middle finger at all of us. If only a picture of you doing something like that existed somewhere…

I’m not mad. I’m just a little disappointed that I didn’t get to see what you were going to wear today. I can’t speak for the rest of your family, but they don’t look all that impressed.

Instead of hanging your head in shame, or skipping town, you might be better off using your distraction tactic so that we forget you slept through your alarm this morning. A shiny mask should do the trick.

We missed you this morning, Andrew.


MONDAY – We’ll meet you on the train at Gateway and Saskatchewan Drive.


Find the Good,


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