And YOU Get a PR (LAX)

It’s a funny thing. People always say that groups of people are dangerous, that they’re are unreasonable, that they can’t be trusted. When people say things like this, they’re thinking of the worst of the worst. What they don’t understand is that it’s groups of people that change the world.


Today at November project Los Angeles we saw an example of how a group of people, when the right seeds are planted, can rise to something that is greater than the sum of its parts. PR day is a special thing, especially in the dynamic of this group.


We as coleaders definitely beat the point home that PR day is a personal experience, something that individuals can use as a tool to track their own progress, their own goals and how close they are two reaching them.


There are many ways in which November project embraces and encourages individuals to set goals. With many of the upcoming events this month like the sunrise 6K and another PR day, it’s a month brimming with opportunities to challenge yourself. However, all too often it saddens me to see people duck away from a challenge when things get hard.


We live in a world today where people are made to believe that when they see a post on Instagram or like something on Facebook that it means that they’ve accomplished it. Unfortunately, this isn’t the matrix and we can’t just “know Kung fu.” Achievement is hard and our when our comfort zones are breached, we enter the realm of discomfort, the realm of the unknown.


These moments, when things break down, are the ashes from which the Phoenix will rise. When you make yourself accountable for something, all of a sudden the thing becomes yours to achieve, your burden to carry. We stigmatize these moments as some kind of unwanted exposure or a place where people will call us out, but isn’t that good? If you’re trying to lose weight and you’re really committed, except for chocolate, you just can’t help bit have some , wouldn’t you want your trusted friends to say “HEY, dummy, you told me you weren’t going to eat chocolate and I’m here to help you.” I would, because maybe I’m living in an uncomfortable place and need to feel like I’m not alone.
The moral of the story here is: breakdowns are ok.
Let someone call you out so you can see the real image of what you’re up to. We use NP to transform in real life, not online. So come to the sunrise 6k, set a goal time. Drop a verbal on the tracker, tell a friend what time you’re shooting for and come back for PR day next month. The challenge is showing up, but the challenge is showing up again after you’ve failed, and showing up again, and again….
We’re always trying to bring in new ways for us to support one another and encourage an individual to race/run/walk/bike. Be there for yourselves and be there for your tribe. We need to be strong individuals so we can.
Do great LA.
FRIDAY – 6:27 am @ Old Chinatown Plaza
  • Location in the tracker. Come ready for games and races.

NP MIXER – TONIGHT, 8 PM @ Moonlight Rollerway, Glendale 

  • $9.75 to Ryan before hand (venmo: @Ryan-Aguirre-2) or $15 at the door for roller skating goodness

SUNRISE 6K – FRI July 8, 5:27/6:27 am, Santa Monica Pier

  • What Ben said above. You can verbal in the tracker now!
  • There will be a 6K tag. You want that tag. Show up and race to get it.

YEARBOOK PHOTOS – WED July 20, 5:27/6:27 am, Hollywood Bowl

  • Theme coming soon. Have your #grassrootsgear and best smize ready.


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