And the Winner Is…

Most everyone loves to watch the Olympics. We might have different sporting events that we like to watch, but almost everyone will tune in to watching sports whether they typically do or not. For those who just can’t stand sports, the drama alone can be enough to entertain. I mean, did you see Lilly King’s finger wag?

We love Olympics not just because they are enthralling and captivating as we watch people achieve incredible feats of strength and athleticism, but also because it brings people together. And we love bringing people together here at NP.

So naturally, we thought it only appropriate to jump on the bandwagon and host our own NP Phoenix Olympic-esque workout.

Today the tribe divided into teams of four and competed in our version of the 4 x 200 relay.

While one person from each team was running a 200 on the stairs the other team members rotated through cycling, swimming, and boxing events and when all four members had completed all of the events, the clock was stopped. The top three teams from each of the semifinal fields advanced to finals to duke it out for gold, silver, and bronze.

Per usual, there was an incredible close finish for third with only milliseconds separating the teams with one team leaving medal-less. Nobody should feel like a loser today though. Trevor and I thought you would take two to three times longer to complete the relay and you all shattered our expectations. We won’t underestimate you again.

The morning closed out with one final event: Hype Man

Chuck took his second gold medal of the day. and it has already gone straight to his head.


Peace, love and cacti,


P.S. I freaking missed you guys. It’s good to be home.


56th Street and Camelback (North of Camelback). Bounce is at 5:59AM. Be there.

Wisconsin Notes

SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST.  Check out this blog from NYC/Seattle that explains more details. Let us know if you are interested or have further questions.

YEARBOOK PHOTOS. Our amazing photographer sent a sneak peek of the photos and they are AMAZING. They will be dropping very shortly and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Unless, you missed picture day.

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