And the moral of the story is… (DEN)

Work! Till your arms fall off, till your abs get hard, and your bone’s all soft.

If you didn’t catch it… that’s the moral of this story… work. As in the work you all put in. Today. But not just today. Since last PR day. But not just since last PR day. This year. But not just this year. Your entire life. That’s what today measured. I tell you that PR day is about measuring how much faster, stronger, and more badass you become month to month. The truth is that PR day tests you physically and mentally in one aspect of your life… fitness. But I’ve seen so much more badassity from this tribe than just clawing out one more lap than you did last month. And in so many ways, those other forms of badassity far outweigh our PR day.

I’ve seen people find the courage to open up to the group and people in general. I’ve seen people bust their asses at the career that they love. I’ve seen people shed pounds, climb mountains, and do things that they thought were impossible. These things involve daily grind. Daily grind for sometimes years or more. From a certain perspective it makes PR day seem pretty fucking easy. What’s 35 minutes of leg and lung pain compared to doin’ work all your life? Do work, son!

But here’s the thing… PR day and life… they bleed into each other. The work you do on PR day makes you more badass outside of NP. The work you do outside of NP makes you more badass on PR day. It’s all about mental fortitude. Can you make it one more lap? Can you make one more sale? Can you tell your crush how you feel? That’s the real muscle we workout on PR day. Our ability to push ourselves a little bit farther than we thought possible. Tough is tough, no matter how it’s displayed.

I think it’s pretty obvious from the pictures that we all did work today. Some of us went farther than others on our clover course today. But remember, some of us go farther off of our clover course. They just don’t have a group of dozens of people to see it.

Speaking of doing work, 38 people PRed today! AMAZING! So that’s a whopping 190 burpees for yours truly on Friday… Seriously? You’re killing me!

Do Work

FRI: 5:30/6:15a Skyline Park (16th and Arapahoe)

AUG 15: O2X Winter Park race Sign up for team November Project 5280 and use promo code NOVEMBER50 to get 50% off of registration!


Biggest 5:30 group ever!!!
Biggest 5:30 group ever!!!


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