An “OG” Original

This morning brought back some members that have been hibernating. This morning also brought back a workout we like to throw down on regularly because it’s f*ckin hard. The morning started off with a hard warm-up too. 100 push-ups total with boys and girls divided into two lines that alternately did increasing push-ups from 1 to 10 and back down again. How do your arms feel?!


Recently, Minneapolis has endured some nasty weather.  Today, as promised, we brought the storm.  As the tribe finished up the warm up lap from the Mill all the way down to the bottom of our original “OG” hill, the clouds darkened and rain started to fall. The bounce must also serve as a rain dance.


The workout consisted of 6 hill reps that start every 5 minutes for a 30 minute total.  Tribe members sprinted up the original hill to the 35W bridge memorial and back down only to continue their movement with reps of box jumps (or step-ups, or squats), hot-footed lizards ( a form of mountain climber), and MORE push-ups. The first couple of reps? No problem. Reps 4-6? They were HARD. The tribe stormed the hill on those last reps though, and even gave out a sweaty full-frontal hug at the bridge memorial on the very last one.


After the workout, a damp but vibrant tribe traveled up the single-track path back to the Mill for some family photos that a generous passerby helped with (during workout photo cred goes to Rachel White). The lumberjack was brought back today, it’s winner? Tribe member Drew.


The workout was an original and it is tough. Way to get through it together guys. The energy was awesome and the encouragement was even better.  We are growing, let’s continue that. #bringafriend next week, and get them to #bringafriend the week after.  See you Friday on the Stairs!


Fridays: UMN boathouse, 6:27am

Get on signing up for the SUMMIT!  Some tribe members have figured out housing in Utah, check the official fb page and socialize & share page for more details!

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