An Ocho Sunrise (DEN)

Usually #NP5280 sticks with tried and true workouts on Fridays in the Mile High City. The LeuitenantGeneral race with the tribe for repeats of Hills, Stairs, or Antibodies. Not today though. Today was different. Today we got an Ocho Wake the Fuck Up Sunrise.  

#NP5280 was woken up by the man, the myth, the legend: Joe Ocho. Joe hails from Crooklyn, Zoo York and works professionally in this whole fitness industry thing that the LeuitenantGeneral have heard good things about. Joe is fit, Joe is strong, and Joe works out with the heavily bearded tribe in NP_NYC.

Joe took us to church this morning. He saw the canvas of the Convention Center Stairs and put together a workout that made us go places that were uncomfortable. Joe gets it. Joe rocked it. Thank you, Joe.

In other news and notes. Benny shit the bed this morning, literally not literally. The LeuitenantGeneral wore their birthday suits. Ryan Wooderson, of the greatest new-age-alt-funk band:  Grammar Wood and the Phuck Yeahs, serenaded said birthday suits with a honky tonk do-dah song from his rusted Saxophone. Then, as if the morning could not get any better. Miss Megan, of Glo’s Bakeshop, nourished the tribe with cupcakes galore.


Lt Flanniel

WED 530/615 Capitol Building Stairs (14th/Lincoln)

Track everything.

 by 1/31! Snap a photo of yourself wearing your grassroots gear while going inappropriately fast. Post to Instagram and tag  #NP_Homework.

November Project Denver 530 group
November Project Denver 530 group

Glo's Bakeshop Denver
Glo’s Bakeshop Denver
November Project Denver 615 group
November Project Denver 615 group
November Project Denver
November Project Denver


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