An Extra-Special Morning in YEG

Having an NP workout on a Thursday is like being on vacation…I am getting all of my days messed up! Is it Wednesday? Is it Friday? This pop-up, WinterCities Conference special had us changing our pre-set M-W-F alarms to include Thursday, it had us starting a Thursday with a bounce and a Fuck ‘Ya, it gave us another morning to hang out with our NP founders Brogan and Bojan, and  it had us “radio-bombing” Mark Connolly and CBC radio (there may or may not have been a mooning involved).

IMG_0052  IMG_0054 

Abe’s hat held a treasure trove of winter fun activities that the tribe excelled at this morning.









We witnessed romantic figure skaters, perfectly executed layered pushups, ferocious polar bear roars, waddling pengiuns, royal waves and much more.

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender

This is what the tribe reminded me this morning…  The tribe is crazy! The tribe likes to play! The tribe loves to give out hugs! The tribe welcomes everyone! The tribe is strong! The tribe is goofy! The tribe is proud!

The tribe wants YOU to join us!!

Come join us as we have more fun tomorrow morning at Gallagher Park – We may or may-not be tobogganing…weather/conditions dependent…be prepared for anything! MEET US AT 5:59 AM!

Also, if you have time Saturday, you know that big pile of snow that was on the stairs at Churchill Square this morning? I needs to be removed. If you need a workout idea for Saturday, grab a shovel and head down there in the morning to help out the WinterCities crew.

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