American Hero Missed (DCA)

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Runner. Philadelphia fan. Someday lawyer. Hips-in hugger, high-five givin’ avid November Project member. All things that make you think (well, maybe not the Philadelphia part for some) that this person must be an American hero. All until this morning.

IMG_3410 copy Life is tough sometimes. No argument there. Things get busy, you have a law school term paper due on a Sunday night (wait you don’t? That’s weird. Whitney did), you go out to celebrate finishing your paper, etc. etc. But among all that, you still promise to your run-pool buddy that she won’t have to be alone in the morning. You promise her via text message.



IMG_3411 copy

Fast forward a few hours…


To add to that, you text again after celebrations, informing (with emojis) that you really really really hope that your alarms don’t fail (which I doubt they did…since you woke up to inform that you wouldn’t be showing up).


In the great words of Sir Howie Day (he hasn’t been knighted yet but he might as well be), ‘even the best fall down sometimes’. You didn’t fall down running though. You fell down in your comfortable bed, most likely in pain from law school term paper celebrations. I thought we had something special. You were good kid. But alas, we’re here now to say WE MISSED YOU, WHITNEY.

You know better. Don’t break a verbal. Don’t go breakin our hearts. Good thing you don’t have to see the disappointment/pain on our face. You displayed it yourself pretty well below:


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