Amber Alert… Wait, No. Not at all. (NYC)

After shaking out (sleeping in) after #BETTERTHANBEDTIME on Sunday, it was time to get back at it the only way we knew how.  Remember that time we planked on Madison Ave in the middle of the Street Fair? Or when those tigers started eating the pigs because they wanted some bacon? Wait, what? I am not sure what is happening right now. What day is it? Oh wait we had our workout today. That’s right, that thing we do.

When I got there this morning, there was a SEA of people– and it was only 6:17:39 a.m.  It was impressive to see, if you weren’t there. Had some great vibes coming off the group. The sunrise was gorgeous to take in. The tribe was amped up. Getting ready for what was to come. Crazy eights, shit gets crazy fast. People not remembering which way they went, or how they went, or why they went one direction.  Positivity Award went to Patrick Burke, now being the recipient in two different cities. Patrick fought off EPIC headaches, stomach viruses, and other related illnesses from a long weekend to continually show up whether he as had some sleep, no sleep, or is sleep walking during his burpees.  The Tribe doesn’t need sleep.  Three tribes in the house today: San Fran, Boston, and Minneapolis? Oh yea.  MSP in the house. Wait weren’t there like 3 kids at the workout today?

The Tribe that Planks together…….

*** UPDATE: All children today left with no emotional scarring after witnessing/participating in their first November Project workout.  Success…?

FRIDAY’S WORKOUT: Meet at Glick Park  (37th and Under the FDR– don’t do what I was going to do and head to the airport).  If you own one, bring your smartphone.  You may need it.


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